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Bowls By Coco provides fabulous coconut wood and coconut shell products which can effectively reduce your daily plastic waste. They can be composted, so no waste is left behind!

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Classic Coconut Bowl
Our Classic Coconut Bowls are sourced from the plantations of southern Sri Lanka. Every bowl is authentic and unique with its own natural colours, perfections and imperfections. Enjoy your next breakfast meal, or fresh smoothie from our natural creations.
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Collection Of Sustainable And Expertly Handcrafted Coconut Wood Products

Better For You, Better For The Planet.

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Sustainable Wooden Products
Sustainable Living
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Hear What Our Customers Are Saying


Loved the Family Pack!

Excellent quality bowls, cutlery and cups. Delivered the next day. I am really happy with the quality and service. We will definitely purchase more!

Tom C.

Definitely Re-order

I use the coconut bowls for olives, peppers, pickles and sauces. These bowls work and look perfect. They are cute and a natural product. I love them.

Cecilia D.

Perfect Eco-friendly Bowl

Amazing! I was so excited when I received my coconut bowls. I use them every day. They look amazing, are very easy to clean, are great for my breakfast and even a smoothie. I feel like I'm on holidays in my kitchen when I eat from the bowls.

Belinda R.

Life's Better with Bowls By Coco 🥰