How Creating Coconut Bowls Can Lead To Community Development

The modern world is becoming increasingly better at producing waste, but we're seldom getting any wiser about handling this problem. That's why people are turning towards eco-friendly products for solutions. For example, coconut bowls are a great way to not only help reduce waste, but the sourcing and creation process also helps to create jobs, teach local talent, and give back to the local communities throughout Sri Lanka.

Here are some ways the creation of eco-friendly coconut bowls can lead to community development in Sri Lanka and beyond.

Job Creation

Coconut bowls are handcrafted by talented artisans, and the discarded shells and repurposed coconut wood, are turned into beautiful coconut bowls. All coconut bowls have to undergo our all-natural cutting and sanding process. Once that happens, we polish them with natural coconut oil to create a gleaming appearance that our customers love.

Because every coconut bowl we create is crafted entirely by hand, we need to train people to ensure the process can continue without interruption and keep up with the growing demand. We work with the local communities in Sri Lanka to source the perfect coconuts. This creates jobs along a supply chain. So not only are we creating jobs, but we're also…Hiring Local Talent

The way we craft our coconut bowls requires a rigorous focus, dedication and product testing process. We spent months working to perfect the products for our customers to enjoy. This requires us to source and work closely with the local talents in the villages of Tangalle, in Southern Sri Lanka. This process is designed to teach local talent a new skill but also encourage creativity so they can develop masterpieces from the earth. 

Using Less Energy

One of the most significant advantages of our process of making coconut bowls is the fact that handcrafted bowls use significantly less energy than mass manufacturing. When a company comes in and creates a mass production line, it leads to the exploitation of the local raw resources and generates harmful levels of pollution. However, handcrafted coconut bowls can naturally lead to more sustainability in every community.

The more we create handcrafted coconut bowls, train local talent as artisans, and create more jobs in Sri Lankan communities, the more communities can develop and thrive. Creating jobs naturally attracts people to certain communities, which in turn leads to growth across other local industries including everything from restaurants to retailers to logistics. As communities grow thanks to eco-friendly coconut bowls, they help leave the world in a better state than we found it, living the value of stewardship to the fullest.