Copy of Our Story

I’m an Australian, married to a British woman, of Sri Lankan heritage. I fell in love with Sri Lanka during my first visit in 2010, we got married there in 2012 and in 2016 we bought our own piece of Sri Lankan paradise on the Southern Beaches of Tangalle, a stunning and untouched, golden sandy beach called Rekawa. 

Sri Lankan

We had the idea for Bowlsbycoco when we were holidaying in Sri Lanka in 2020. Some palm trees had naturally fallen over on our land and we wanted to try and re-use the wood and coconut shells.

With the help of our local friends we started the process of creating beautiful, sustainable coconut wood and coconut shell products. BowlsByCoco was created out of a desire to live a more sustainable life, create beautiful eco-friendly products and support and develop the local communities of Sri Lanka.